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  All Abs

Pure & Simple: 30 minutes to work your entire abdominal area...that’s right, the tum tum!

Anthony's Boxing Bootcamp

Put your boxing gloves on and get ready to sweat! Anthony will teach you how to rap, hit the bag, and move your body like a boxer. Never boring, never the same from one class to the next.

Booty Barre®

The Booty Barre® method is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with added cardio to burn fat fast.

Circuit X

A dynamic cross-training workout, using weights, cardio, and resitance to achieve an intense metabollic burn!


These classes are great for anyone looking to lose weight, increase strength and flexibility, cross-train, sharpen mental focus, or simply get some much needed me time. No matter your goal, we’re certain you’ll walk in and float out with a new found sense of accomplishment.

Hour of Power

Total body workout that will burn belly fat. Increase your metabolism, increase your strength, work your arms, sculpt your abs & shape your legs & buns!

Pilates (Classic Pilates)


Pilates is a series of movements developed in the late 1920's by legendary physical trainer Joseph Pilates. Using a padded floor mat and specially designed equipment, Pilates created over 500 exercises that stretch and strengthen muscles without adding bulk.

By focusing on the quality of each movement, Pilates  increases your ability to move with control and precision. Results are stronger abdominals, greater flexibility, improved posture, increased energy and longer, leaner muscles.  You will be in control of your body instead of at its mercy.

Through the tried and true exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, you will create a streamlined body through stretch, strength and stability.

Pilates Mat

A classic Pilates Mat class with Energy! You will lengthen & strengthen your muscles, while building your stamina & strength. You will walk away feeling taller & energized!


Piloxing® is a fun, high energy interval workout guaranteed to whip you into shape!  Join Mona to burn calories, sculpt your muscles and...kick a** gracefully!


The TRX uses your own bodyweight to achieve all-over body strength, endurance, core strength and balance. Get ready to burn a ton of calories, awaken your core like never before-and have lots of fun doing it!


Vinyasa style yoga class for those new to yoga as well as more experienced students. Class will focus on proper form and alignment, while moving through flowing yoga poses to stretch and strengthen the entire body.  A great way to improve flexibility, strength, and balance, while toning the body and reducing stress.


Private Pilates : Get more out of Pilates with your own private training session with our Romana’s Pilates® and Power Pilates® certified trainers. Our state-of-the-art facility is the best and only Gratz® Pilates studio in the area. Semi-private sessions are also available. Save up to 20% on our packages.

Private Fitness : Our top-notch trainers are certified through NASM®,TRX®, and ACE®. Be motivated to reach your total fitness and weight loss goals.Semi-private sessions are also available. Save up to 20% on our packages.

Private Training for Teens : We offer the best training for young athletes and students of all fitness levels. Our skilled trainers will customize their workouts to suit your teens fitness goals through Pilates and/or Fitness training program.


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