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Our Studio















2,000 Square Feet


2 Rooms:


1 for classes and private sessions


1 filled with state of the art Pilates equipment


Fitness Boutique with unique workout
“must haves”


Private Restroom


Ample Parking

Our Teachers


Jennifer Rubendall

After graduating from the University of Southern California, Jennifer entered the field of health and fitness, and now teaches the prestigious Romoana's Pilates Method-quality and experience. Jennifer has been active in the La Cañada community for 12 years where she lives with her husband Ken and two sons Jake and Tyler. In additon to being a business owner and Executive Board member of La Canada High School, 7/8 and PTA council, she is an alumini ambassador for the lululemon Athletica store in Old Town Pasadena.

Jennifer teaches Classic Pilates (private and duos), Pilates Mat Classes.

Damien Blanco

Damien understands that a smile given at the moment when a client achieves even a small goal is a confidence booster. That sincerity, a will to make a difference, and the dedication to make it happen sometimes lies as much on the trainer as it does the client.  Damien learned that the people he trains, who he invests in, become his partners and their success is my success. This relationship is symbiotic. He has  learned responsibility through the relentless pursuit of integrity and he wishes to pay dividends to his investors.  He is a team player with a capital T.  He makes personal fitness his own priority and believes in fitness as a way of life.

Damien is Ace certified and currently holds the NASM certification. He is a decorated veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Damien teaches D60.

Anthony David

Anthony David is a Certified Personal Trainer from The National Personal Training Institute.

He strongly adheres to the philosophy that without good health nothing else matters. For years, he worked in the entertainment business as a stuntman, appearing in several TV shows and commercials. While working on set, he tore the ACL in his right knee. Faced with a potential career ending injury, he made the realization that he had come to a pivotal point in his life. Anthony was able to channel years of disciplined training to drive him through the physical therapy recovery and eventually motivated him to persue his trainer certification.

Drawing from his athletic background, Anthony incorporates a number of exercises from hisfootball, basketball and track and field training regimens into his workouts. His approach is the fundamental belief that whatever your fitness goals may be, the drive to reach them starts within. Anthony is committed to helping individuals achieve physical, psychological and nutritional well being through a personalized training program that is fun, motivational and designed to create a lifestyle change.

Anthony teaches TRX, Circuit X, and A-Train.

Marie Frazier

Growing up in her native Sweden, physical fitness and motion was a natural part of Marie's life. When she moved here some 20 odd years ago, she started practicing Martial Arts, discovering a way of combining physical and mental focus. Yoga became a natural extension of this passion. Through years of running, whether it is marathons, or short sprints through life, the benefits of Yoga continues to blow her mind. Marie's Yoga is synergetic, creating both length and strength.

Marie has a BA in International Business from the University of Gothenburg, and worked all across Europe before love took her to La Canada.

She teaches Yoga, T'ai Chi, and practices Thai Yoga Therapy, also known as Thai Massage.

Ani Ivanov



Ani teaches All Abs.





Mildraide Lazarre

Mildraide received her certification through Power Pilates in New York City where she was mentored by Bob Liekens, Master Teacher and Director of Power Pilates.

Mildraide has a B.A. in Liberal Arts (concentration in film) from The New School, (New York City). She is also a graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (New York City) where she studied theatre, dance, Alexander Technique, stage combat and music.

Mildraide teaches Classic Pilates (private and duo) and Pilates Mat Classes.

Geoffrey Rhue

An instructor from the early (face in the frozen Rosebowl grass) days of Urban Army, Geoffrey Rhue “G", has been a devotee of Pilates since 94, when injuries accumulated in his thirties, nearly ended his career as professional dancer and threatened future paralysis. As a certified Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer since 98, and newlyliscenced Neuromuscular (Trigger Point) Therapist, Geoffrey brings a militant passion and practical, well studied knowledge of the life enhancing benefits of “Uncle Joes’ Method” to every session and class.

Geoffrey teaches Classic Pilates (private and duo) and Pilates Mat Classes.

Mona Seraji

"After 2 pregnancies which resulted in a total weight gain of 150 pounds I decided that I needed to become educated about nutrition and make fitness a daily part of my life. My trainer's passion at Urban Fitness Pilates and the ability to believe in me at a time when I didn't believe in myself completely changed my life. Not only did I improve my body composition, my health and my mood through fitness and a healthy lifestyle, I also learned that it is never to late to be the best version of yourself. My passion is Nutrition and Fitness and I want every women to feel their best. I believe workouts should be fun not torture and I will do my best to put a smile on your face while making you sweat at the same time. I'll be your coach and biggest fan!"

"I have been certified by the American Council on Exercise and I am also currently studying for my Sports Nutrition certification."

Mona teaches Piloxing and private training.

Annalee Traylor

Annalee Traylor received her BFA in dance performance from Point Park University, after which she started dancing professionally in Pittsburgh, PA.  She quickly found that fitness, in particular "barre fitness", was a perfect match for her lifestyle and became certified in Tracy Mallet's The Booty Barre in 2013.  Since relocating to Los Angeles in 2014, she has found a home at Urban Fitness Pilates and enjoys being able to blend her passion for dance and fitness into a single class.

Annalee teaches Booty Barre, Adult Ballet, and Pilates.

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